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I've always loved exercise due to its many health benefits, such as lowered blood pressure and stress, promoted sleep and weight control along with increased energy levels just to name a few. I am a level 2 qualified fitness instructor, and hold a level 3 Advanced Diploma in personal training.

With further qualifications specialising in post and pre-natal exercise, nutrition, first aid for sports injures, bootcamps, indoor cycling, and TRX suspension training. All my qualifications are REP's accredited.

Natasha is a Qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer

I am passionate in assisting people reach their goals. Whether you want to increase your strength or endurance, reduce body fat, improve your confidence or help eliminate depression - I can help.



I take training and the well being of my clients very serious, as such I have invested in industry recognised and certified training. I continue to train and study to further my expertise and achieve the highest levels of industry recognised certification.

  • Level 3 Personal Training
  • Level 4 Specialist Nutrition Sports & Exercise
  • Level 4 Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Level 3 Pre & Post Natal Excerise
  • Level 3 Boxercise
  • Level 3 Indoor Cycling
  • Level 3 TRX Training
  • Full Public Liability & Sports Insurance

Personal Training Evolved

There are many reasons why a Personal Trainer is essential in helping you achieve your fitness goals, whether they are fat loss-based, sports-driven or for athletic purposes. The problem many people face is lack of motivation and knowledge in between their PT sessions. As well as maintaining correct form to ensure your  own workouts are effective. You are often left with very little accountability when let to your own devises, and lets face it - multiple sessions a week is expensive. Well until now!


NT Personal Training offers small group PT sessions in our own studio, giving you everything you need to achieve & maintain your goals.

You get all the benefits of personal training at a fraction of the cost in one monthly plan.

  • Fat Loss/ Weight Management

  • Support & Accountability

  • Resistance Training

  • Building lean muscle

  • Mobility / Flexibility

  • Pre & Post Natal Training

  • Speed, Strength, Power Development

  • Nutritional Advice


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, we run a free taster session if you are interested in joining.

There are no lengthy contracts, our Evolved PT plans are a simple 12 week minimum commitment.



  • 1-2-1 PT Discount
  • Included Group PT Sessions
  • Digital Training Portal
  • Access to Videos
  • Custom Exercise Plan
  • Personalised Nutrition Support


£35 / 4 week block

  • 1-2-1 PT Discount 4
  • Included Group PT Sessions 10% off Blocks
  • Digital Training Portal Yes
  • Access to Videos -
  • Custom Exercise Plan Yes
  • Personalised Nutrition Support -


£65 / 4 week block

  • 1-2-1 PT Discount 12
  • Included Group PT Sessions 10% off Blocks & Singles
  • Digital Training Portal Yes
  • Access to Videos Yes
  • Custom Exercise Plan Yes
  • Personalised Nutrition Support Yes


£95 / 4 week block

  • 1-2-1 PT Discount 20
  • Included Group PT Sessions 15% off Blocks & Singles
  • Digital Training Portal Yes
  • Access to Videos Yes
  • Custom Exercise Plan Yes
  • Personalised Nutrition Support Yes


Session Top-Up Pack

For the price of a single 1-2-1 PT, you can add a pack of 4 group sessions any time in your 4 week block. This sessions a valid for 12 weeks/ great for topping up without changing plans.

Pay as you go sessions

Available for non members to come join us for a workout with out committing to a 4 week membership, subject to availability. Members can also add sessions to their blocks with this bolt on.



PT Discount

Discount on 1-to-1 personal training sessions. If your looking for extra support or want to accelerate your progress.

Custom Excerise Plan

You will be assigned a tailored exercise plan via the NTPT app in your training portal. Allowing to train towards your goal outside your studio sessions. Whether you workout in the gym or at home.

Personalised Nutrition Support.

Wether you need help with improving habits, dropping body fat or building lean muscle. I’ll assign every member calorie target and macro split in needs and goal. I will work closely along side you helping you track, log & get results.

Digital Training Portal

An online and mobile portal, where you can log, track your progress including progression photos and exercise and nutrition logging. You can upload progress photos and log ALL exercise history. Fitbit integration coming soon.

Access to Video Workouts

Access to pre-built training plans that you can access any time ideal for following in your own workouts at home or in the gym. This allows you to Follow the exercise plan and watch the videos to ensure You are using the correct technique making your own workouts safe and effective.

Monthly Catch up

This will be delivered in a live chat within the app. Achieve & Excel members can choose to do this catch up in person. This is where you can discuss & ask any fitness questions with your personal trainer so we can identify any areas you may need additional support with.

Group PT Sessions Explained

Personal Training can be expensive, the high cost often means you can only afford 1 or 2 PT sessions a week. You’re paying for your PT’s time, knowledge & support but often left in between sessions with little accountability.

Small-Group Personal Training at The NTPT Studio will give you everything you need to achieve, maintain & excel to your desired goals. All sessions are coached by me and are restricted to 6 clients which enables access to more sessions and times while still retaining the personal touch of traditional 1-2-1 sessions as I know each individual's goals and abilities. You’ll get your own personalised training programme for you to follow via my app. This can be done around your Small group PT’s whether you’ll be training from home or in a gym. You’ll also receive nutritional guidance and support, regular assessments and progress reviews all as part of your membership. Ive worked within gyms for over a decade, watching people turn up to classes, give it there all but struggle to get results due to the lack of support, motivation or education on nutrition, which is why I’m keen to ensure I give you all the tools you need to succeed.


As our Training sessions are shared with a small group of up to five other you can now afford to do more sessions a week than you could if you were doing 1-2-1 session with me nut your receive my full support outside of these sessions. More PT sessions mean you’ll get more consistency in your training, which will mean better results, FASTER. Each group PT session will come with its own emphasis and focus. They will be split into cardio, resistance and hybrid days.

Cardio Days will push your cardiovascular skills to the max, boosting that metabolism hours after the session is over. We will use HIIT, Circuits and boxing to get those heart pumping and that sweat dripping.

Resistance Day's sole focus is in technique and advanced training methods to get you building lean muscle. These sessions will give you a full-body burn, as well as visiting core work and conditioning.

Hybrid Days are effective in cardio and resistance training using various methods to get you Earning those weekends. All group  PT’s sessions will give you use of your own set of kit including Dumbells, barbells and kettlebells. There will also be wall balls, med balls, TRX, sandbags, and boxing pads to get involved in our circuit sessions. 

Client Examples

I have had the pleasure of working with many clients over the years, and many have some amazing transformation stories. Here is a small selection.

Yvette Eggleton

Fitness Convert

Tracy Brand

Gym Queen

83B68149-2748-4AD2-9154-0A9AEF124415-1641-000000FBC81B91BA_photo (1)
Rhi Lawrence

Body Transformation


Body Transformation


Body Transformation

What People Say About Me

I have worked with Tasha for 2 1/2 years. I have had 1:1 and 2:1 PT. I've also been part of an online coaching forum and have taken part in many gym run sessions that she teaches.
If you are new to fitness (as I was) or maybe someone getting back to it Tasha is fantastic. So supportive and knowledgeable. For someone who absolutely hated anything to do with fitness saying I know love it, I can 100% say it's down to Tasha


Natasha is such a fantastic PT. She helped me get back into shape after my second baby. As well as providing excellent PT sessions she gave me advice and support about exercising outside of the sessions and healthy eating also. No two PT sessions were ever the same, Tasha has a great knowledge of different exercises and tailored it to my goals (and being post-natal) so that I actually enjoyed exercise - for pretty much the first time ever. I will always be grateful for all that NT Personal Training has helped me achieve.

Post-Natal Body Transformation

I’ve been training with Natasha for over 4 years. In that time I have fallen in love with exercise. I used to hate the thought of going to a class or having PT but now I love it. Natasha helped me to feel confident in my body on my wedding day without doing a gruelling regime or crash diet and since then made me feel fit and strong during my pregnancy. I’ve enjoyed classes, 1-2-1 and shared PTs, every session is different and every session is a challenge! This woman makes you do things you never thought possible.

Client for Life

I’ve been training with Tasha in varying capacities since Jan (and should have left a review much sooner!) but today for the first time I looked back on a picture from the beginning compared to where I am now, and my whole shape has changed. I completely have Tasha to thank. She’s so kind and patient, and even when I don’t want to do something she’ll encourage me to do it anyway. I’ve never been to the same class twice, much like I’ve never had a PT session that’s ever been the same. Tasha works so hard to make sure you’re never bored and your always motivated. I’ve actually found a love for going to the gym that I never thought I’d have! Couldn’t recommend Tasha enough.


Body Transformation

Health Quote

"I believe fitness should be fun while challenging you to constantly progress and realise your full potential."

- Natasha Tully

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